25) Senioritis I took the PSAT in my sophomore year, just for practice, and again in junior year, that time for real. I scored pretty high; »

The Beautiful

24) The Beautiful In my senior year, I pulled some interesting stunts at school, like the time I showed up to class in a shirt that »


23) Abba We all loved our choir director, and we worked hard to rehearse professionally and curb our chitchat in those moments when we weren't singing, »

The Old Maid

22) The Old Maid [Contains Sexual Content] Once upon a time, my friend Kayla, a German foreign exchange student, and I were all hanging out in »

La Rupture

21) La Rupture October 10, 2006 "Senior year sucks! Definitely the most egregious year by far." Can you tell I was studying for the SAT and »