Amy, the Beloved

  1. Amy, the Beloved

In the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade, I had the best friend a girl could ever want. Every Friday night, after we got done rollerskating for three hours, we would microwave a big plate of Pizza Rolls and camp out in sleeping bags in front of the TV to watch whichever Ace Ventura movie we hadn't watched last Friday. We'd talk about boys and make each other laugh until it was very late and we were delirious and our moms had to come down the stairs several times to tell us to go to sleep.

As a rule, if I woke up before her the next morning, I would let her sleep as long as possible, even if it meant lying still for over an hour. It seemed illogical, even at the time. I'm awake, so why don't I get up? But I wasn't bored. I was subtly thrilled and filled with peace.

Sarah Weik

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