From Lesbian to Celibate to Married Woman

So, what is this blog, really? Why this new corner of the internet dedicated to me and my thoughts?

I feel like I have a story, or at least, people have asked me to tell my story more than once over the years. And since I'm not very good at holing away, working on a masterpiece for years, and presenting it, spotless, for consumption, I'm going to publish this memoir post by post.

I'm a married woman now. I'll be ten years out of high school as of this spring. I might even get pregnant soon. I'm at a turning point in my life, and before my brain undergoes a factory reset to make room for all the upcoming memories, I have to write about a particularly exciting story arc in my life: my transition from lesbianism to Christian celibacy to Christian marriage.

At times, I have felt like the main character in a grand, cosmic screenplay written before time for the purpose of helping anyone who might be facing the same questions I was:

Can I be gay and Christian? Is this "right"? Which is more fundamental to who I am, my gayness, or my Christianity?

There is an endless, unbroken stream of LGBT people asking themselves those very questions and looking for answers amid the collective wisdom of the internet. I want my story to be part of the mix. Hoarding it all to myself would defeat the purpose of how painful and beautiful it really was.

As much as I can, I will chronicle my memories in order and, where I can, scan in photographs or journal entries to make things more interesting. My goal is to publish a post or two every Saturday. I hope it will be comical, captivating weekend reading for you.

Thank you for your readership!
Sarah Weik

Sarah Weik

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